Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria


Definitions according to the BRANZ admission definition and inclusion/exclusion criteria:


Inclusion Criteria:

  •     All first admissions to an Australian or New Zealand burns unit where a burn injury is the principal reason for admission
  •     First admission is within 28 days burn injury (with exception of transfers from another hospital - all included)
  •     Patient admitted under burns unit or admitted under other unit and burns unit consulting.
  •     Admission > 24 hours or Admission < 24 hours and patient has a burns management procedure in theatre; or Admission < 24 hours and patient dies.
  •     All readmissions to the Burns Unit within 28 days of the date of discharge from the first admission


Exclusion criteria:

Medical cause cases such as Steven Johnson Syndrome and TENS.


Criteria for specialised burns treatment: The following criteria are endorsed by the Australian & New Zealand Burn Association in assessing whether burns require treatment in a specialised burns unit (ANZBA 2004):

  •     Burns greater than 10 per cent of total body surface area (TBSA)
  •     Burns of special areas—face, hands, feet, genitalia, perineum, and major joints
  •     Full-thickness burns greater than 5 per cent of TBSA
  •     Electrical burns
  •     Chemical burns
  •     Burns with an associated inhalation injury
  •     Circumferential burns of the limbs or chest
  •     Burns in the very young or very old, or pregnant women
  •     Burns in people with pre-existing medical disorders that could complicate management, prolong recovery, or increase mortality
  •     Burns with associated trauma
  •     Non-accidental burns


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